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Lockable Gate Hanging Kits

Kits in this category are supplied with  Long Throw Gate Locks rather than a more traditional Gate Latch. The advantage of the Long Throw Gate Lock is that it operates in the same way as a traditional front door style lock. This means that when you shut the Gate/Door it will automaticaly be locked and will require a key to open. This makes the lock a great security option. The Lock is available in two styles, the first being key operable from both sides, meaning that even if your Gates/Doors were climbed over you would still not be able to open them without a key. The second option is key operated on the outside only with a simple slide latch on the inside.

Problems with some locks fitted to gates are eliminated with the Long Throw Gate Lock. The lock has a long throw on the bolt making it suitable for Gates/Doors with large gaps between them. There is also ample play on the keep to allow any gate sag or movement that may occur.

Available in two sizes : to fit 50mm or 70mm thick gate/door. Ideal for single or double gates/doors.

Please also choose key locking : one side or both sides. Very simple to fit.

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